In memory of the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hiroshima, 6th of august 1945, 09:15 h am: Tom Feerebee in the aircraft "Enola Gay" drops the bomb "Little Boy". It detonates after 45 seconds 600 meters above the town. For more than 6 hours, Hiroshima is in flames. More than 98.000 humans die.

Nagasaki, 9th of august 1945, 12:01 h am: "Book's Car" falls 9000 meters on Nagasaki. Approximate 100.000 Japanese are killed or multilated in the firestorm. The bomb strikes a crater of one and a half square kilometers into the town, exterminates factorys, temples and houses with an explosion-wave of never before seen violence. Still after 12 hours, Nagasaki is a sea of flames, enveloped in sharp smoke, that rises slowly above the town.

On the 2nd of september 1945, Japan capitulates.

If in Germany, the 2nd World War would have lasted 3 month longer, these bombs would have been determined for Hamburg or Berlin.

The nuclear age has started with dead and ruin; for many survivals of the attacs from Hiroshima and Nagasaki it meant a painful infirmity...

Hiroshima-victim after the detonation of the first atom bomb

Little Boy, 15Kt

Fat Man, 21 Kt

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Made in 1997 by Michael Schmid